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About Our Classes

Yoga Asana-Basics-Therapeutic-Beginners

Introduction to the principles of alignment, balance, breath, and relaxation. For students of all levels including those with special considerations, pregnancy, injury, or illness.

Makaya brings in her years of experience as a chiropractic physician and yoga instructor when choosing a sequence of yoga postures that will be most beneficial to the students attending the class. Each sequence begins in a resting pose and unfolds from there. One has the choice of remaining in resting poses or participating in more active postures and movements, enhanced by supportive props. Adaptations are given for students with special considerations. The postures tend to be more stimulating and energizing in nature or more soothing and relaxing. Postures may enhance strength and stability or be more oriented toward stretching and mobilizing. Postures are done with awareness of breath, balance and alignment.

Yoga-Asana Ongoing Beginners

In these classes students have a basic understanding and ability to do the postures and continue to strengthen and refine their yoga practice. The postures may be basic, relaxing and restorative or more challenging and energetic. Props and supports are used to maintain balance and comfort in each pose. Teachers also make use of verbal instruction, manual adjusting and demonstrations.

Yoga-Asana – Intermediate

For students who have prior experience and a general sense of how to get into, be in, and come out of yoga postures. The postures and pace range from more basic, relaxing and restorative flows to more challenging, energetic and dynamic. Teachers also make use of verbal instruction, manual adjusting and demonstrations. Props available.

Class Fees

Classes: $15 drop-in; $12 per class for a pass of 8 classes ($96); $11 per class for a pass of 16 classes ($176); Seniors (over 65) $10 per class for a pass of 8 or more (except for Makaya’s Tuesday class.)

Students and Seniors: $8 per class for High School Students, $10 per class for College Students and Individuals who are financially challenged.

Note: All passes are held and valid for one year, they are non-refundable but transferable to friends or applied to treatments of Chiropractic, Yoga therapeutics or Therapeutic massage.

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