Chiropractic & Rehabilitative Therapies


Dr. Makaya Roma D.C.


Makaya Roma D.C. Y.T. M.T. has been practicing chiropractic and complimentary rehabilitative therapies as well as teaching yoga since 1988. Her educational background includes a B.S. in occupational health from Rutgers University in New Jersey, completed in 1981. She continued her Chiropractic education at Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta GA. where she completed a four year intensive training in chiropractic and the healing arts including massage therapy in 1987. She holds an advanced certification as a sports physician. She went on to train as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist at the Iyengar institute in SF, the yoga room in Berkeley and with many other inspiring teachers and mentors.


The aim of her work is to guide and support individuals on their path toward better health and wellness. She brings her years of experience, her advanced palpation skills, and hands on healing techniques into each of her sessions. Through these practices she has come to understand how the health of the central and peripheral nervous system, thus the entire body, is optimized by maintaining the health of the finely balanced skeletal system, the spine, cranium, and it’s supporting muscle/tendon/and fascial structures. When we restore the health of our spine, blocks to our vital energy are released, energy flows, and the health of the body, mind, and spirit improve. Healing happens, naturally.

Private Sessions

Dr. Makaya Roma offers 20 minute sessions for $50 and 40 minute sessions for $85, 50 minute sessions for $105. Private sessions  may include the following healing and diagnostic practices:

Body Reading:

Body reading is a brief visual assessment to determine one’s current overall health and alignment pattern. This process begins at the base of the feet and moves up the kinematic chain to the top of the cranium and outward to the wrist and fingers. This process of observation is done in both static and dynamic postures and movements and is used to determine which postures and movements should be practiced and which ones should be minimized.

Manual Therapy:

Hands-on gentle and deep tissue therapeutic massage techniques to assess, and facilitate healing of muscle, tendon, fascia, nerve, and related organs. One is positioned with props and pillows into (restorative positions) to optimize joint and soft tissue release or support. Heat and ice are used when necessary. Only organic oils and lotions are applied as are the finest grade of locally produced therapeutic essential oils.

Chiropractic Adjustments:

Through the use of motion palpitation, the integrity of the spinal joints are assessed, determining whether a joint is healthy or has restricted motion, or is unstable (hyper-mobile). Spinal and extremity adjustments are used to mobilize restricted joints, to promote healing, improve range of motion, enhance nerve, vascular, and immune system function and to impede spinal degeneration. Posture and gait re-education as well as strengthening exercise are introduced to stabilize and strengthen areas of instability and strain (these principles are taught in yoga therapeutic classes and in one-on-one sessions.)

Foot Therapy:

Alignment and balance start with healthy optimally grounded feet. Makaya can assess, adjust, massage, and prescribe customized foot supports (foot orthotics.)

Yoga Therapeutics

Yoga therapy is an approach to healing that acts on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Specific postures are chosen for the most positive outcome. This practice is beneficial to those seeking guidance in rehabilitating an injury, healing after an illness, recovering from a trauma, or simply wanting to take their wellness to the next level or deepen their understanding of yoga postures in general. Individuals can apply the principles of alignment, balance, and movement taught in yoga-asana to improve their daily, work, and sport specific postures, gait and movement patterns.

Yoga Asana Classes:

Yoga-asana is the third of the eight limbs of yoga. In this practice we are silent, we bring attention to our breathing, and we perform a sequence of yoga postures that often have a theme or focus.

Our musculo-skeletal structure contains and innate sacred geometry. Yoga combines the practice of moving into a more aligned and balanced state, while maintaining a steady gaze and steady breath. We empower our inner healing processes and optimize nerve, lymph and vascular flow, thus improving the health of the body, mind and spirit.

The intention of this practice is to heal our body, mind and spirit. The benefits to this practice are numerous, see yoga benefits. The benefits of chiropractic and yoga asana share similarities in that they both address the issue of spinal health, energy flow, and healing from within. All sequences begin in more restful postures and unfold from there. Props are used to optimize alignment and comfort.