Our Teachers

Dr. Makaya Roma D.C.

Founder  |  Yoga  |  Chiropractic and Rehabilitative Therapies  |  Therapeutic Yoga Workshops  |  Postural re-Education Series

Dr. Makaya Roma D.C. began her practice of Chiropractic and rehabilitative therapies, as well as her Yoga instruction in 1988. Makaya is the founder and director of this center. The primary intention of her healing work, as well as her yoga instruction, is to assist individuals on their path to a higher level of health and well being. Each of her yoga classes is unique and has a theme or focus. The pace is gentle and rhythmic, connecting breath with movement. She encourages students to honour their own needs. To insure that her students are able to find that place of comfort and balance in each pose. She provides alternatives and or modifications. Makaya is available for private yoga therapy and chiropractic bodywork sessions.

Joan Donato L.C.S.W.


Joan Donato L.C.S.W. has almost 40 years experience as a student of yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 1994. Joan teaches in a relaxed manner with emphasis on the breath and breathing the movement. Joan believes that movement is life as breath is life and that yoga gets you moving and breathing. She believes that the practice of yoga cultivates self-love and healing.

Linda Zecca

Yoga | Massage Therapist

Linda Zecca is a certified yoga instructor and massage therapist. Her classes include gently flowing and comfortable sustaining postures with an emphasis on alignment and breathing awareness. Linda works with students of different ages and abilities and encourages her students to access their own inner guidance and natural wisdom.